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Join the Weeb Digital Affiliate Program

Earn 15% lifetime commissions from every client purchase. The Weeb Digital partnership program enables you to earn passive income by referring clients to us. But of course, there’s a catch. You also have to collect a check every month.



Our program in a nutshell

Sign up

What are you waiting for? Seriously, click the button and get signed up now to start making money!

  • Sign Up and your account is auto approved

Get referral links and banners

With your monthly partner ID and referral link, you get paid for even monthly plans! Some of the services we offer are on monthly packages. SEO, social media, and others are subscription-style items for clients. That means that when they pay monthly for an ongoing service, you get paid monthly for their ongoing service. This is how you generate a regular, recurring monthly income.

  • After signing up, use your referral link or ID number when bringing in clients.
  • Get paid even on monthly contracts with clients!
  • Enjoy your regular, recurring monthly income.
Our program in a nutshell
How do i make money

How do i make money

Start collecting a monthly check

Payment couldn’t possibly be any simpler. Every month, we transfer your commissions to your debit card or PayPal account. Seriously. It’s that easy. There are no words to explain it any more precisely.

  • With your referral ID, you can track commissions in our portal.
  • Payouts are sent to your debit card or Paypal account!
  • Get paid every month.


  • 15% commission. That means if you refer someone and we build them a $3,000 website, you get a $450 commission.
  • Lifetime Commissions. If that same client you referred needs some website upgrades at some point in the future and those upgrades cost $1,200, for example, you get a $180 commission. 


  • Real-time tracking and stats. Once your Affiliate Account is set up, you can track referrals from your site to ours in real-time.
  • Affiliate payouts processed monthly. We don’t make you wait. Affiliate commissions are paid during the first week of every month.

 Get started today

How it work



We pre-approve affiliate applications, so it only takes a few minutes to register

Once you sign up you get access to marketing content, along with your unique referral links



Mention our products on your blog, in your newsletters, client meetings, during webinars or any other way you see fit, by using your referral links and get started in a few clicks



When you use your unique referral links, we track website visitors, trial activations and purchases that originated from them within 90 days from your referrals’ first visits and attribute them to your affiliate account



Every time your referrals purchase a Weeb Digital product from our website, you receive 15% lifetime commission from the purchase price

Receive monthly payments via PayPal upon reaching the minimum $50 threshold


  15% lifetime commissions

  90 day cookie life – the time between your referral’s first visit to our website and their purchase, within which the commission is tracked

  Early updates on new product launches

  Personal affiliate area with easy access to earnings data, marketing and promotional materials

  Promotional rights to one of the world’s greatest reporting automation services

  Monthly payouts and unlimited earnings potential

Join the Weeb Digital Affiliate Program

Earn 15% lifetime commissions from Weeb Digital subscription sales

Partner login
IP & source code

IP & source code

You retain all intellectual property rights to the project source code developed by our team.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

We’ll be clear – and we’ll tell you if something isn’t right, with you all the way.

Budget control

Budget control

We ensure financial transparency and accuracy throughout the development process and provide detailed plans every month to clearly demonstrate how the budget is spent.

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